JS Mocha - The HTML5 CoCo 2 Emulator

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This is a GWT port of Mocha - The Tandy Color Computer 2 Emulator. It should run in any browser that supports HTML5. All operations are client side. Snapshots are compressed into HTML5 local storage. Downloads are from data URIs (works on Chrome and Firefox).

CoCo keys should map to the keyboard with the following exceptions: _ = SHIFT 0 (CoCo caps lock), Esc = Break, SHIFT \ = SHIFT @ (used for pausing the LIST command) and DELETE = CLEAR.

Key joysticks are "self-centering" (use Numpad 4, 5, 6 and 8 to move and CTRL to fire). Use dual key mode for two players or no numpad (arrows/space for joystick 1 and numpad/numpad 0 for joystick 2). Some games use mouse tracking for direct control. Mocha will pick the best control scheme when possible.

Local .cas, .bin, .ccc and .dsk images can be loaded via the "Local File" button. NTSC artifacting is emulated but 'Basic' graphics run faster. Printer commands like LLIST output to the browser console. Audio is an ongoing experiment. You may have to increase the throttle to get better sound.

The output cassette (anything written to tape) can be saved with the "Eject" button. Snapshots are supported but are not compatible with the Java version of Mocha.

Automatically load a BIN file or mount a cassette with a url: http://www.haplessgenius.com/mocha/index.html?audio=true&bin=Balloons or http://www.haplessgenius.com/mocha/index.html?cassette=Circles&audio=true

Mocha was originally written in Java out of nostalgia and boredom. That means there are programs here written by my brother and I back in the 1980's. We sold a few games under the name Sandhill Colorsoft. These programs are mainly here for my own gratification. If you want something included or if you're an author and you want your software removed, let me know at the address below.


Java Mocha - download and double click or "java -jar mocha.jar"
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Mocha and JS Mocha by Brad Grier. Contact: bradgrier at cox dot net